The Bio-Art classes are studio/lab work and history focused with the aim to provide a public outreach about scientific knowledge with perspective from humanities. They bring together art and biology students, offering an overlap of disciplines with the hands-on study of digital imaging technologies, microscopy, biological drawing, and lecturing on the relatively new field of bio-art.

Students learn microscopy and incorporate their acquisitions into visually interesting interpretations and presentations. Biology and art students also use traditional and digital drawing techniques to provide another tool for scientific analysis of microscopic imaging and create cross-disciplinary representations of scientific research by applying perspectives from arts and humanities. Bringing these two very different fields together has also the aim of incorporating discussions between the sciences and humanities. The work produced in the classes will be displayed on campus in galleries and public spaces that attract large traffic. There is also a live public presentation component, through which students learn how to present their research cross-disciplinary before a mixed audience.