Chimera 2 is the second part of exhibitions related to the Bio-Art Mixer and is curated by Dr. Boryana Rossa. Displays at the Life Sciences Complex Lunch Room (2nd floor), and 102 Shaffer Art Lounge.

This exhibition features works that have been made by students and artists who utilize techniques and knowledge from the field of biological sciences, apply discussion from humanities and look for visual and textual expression that comes from the arts. The exhibition also shows posters made by artist Oleg Mavromatti for the Bio-Art Mixer since 2018.

During the global pandemic, the need for an integrated approach to education that includes both art and science has become imperative for fighting collective distrust in science. Our attempt is to create a widely accessible view of the work done in scientific labs and open discussion about its social importance that comes from both sciences and the arts. The works by students Elise Krespan, Jakub Kochanowski, and Renita Saldanha has been made during a bio-art class they took with Professors Rossa and Hehnly and present varieties of topics, starting with portraits of biological systems and visual exploration of macro and micro worlds, and ethical and personal exploration of the role of the scientist in society. While taking the bio-art class the students, who have scientific or artistic backgrounds, studied examples of bio-art, had hands-on experience with microscopy and other biological techniques and discussed their work reaching beyond their disciplines. The featured works by the guest artist Ken Rinaldo raise questions about human-machine interaction, the increasing use of AI in culture and art, robot ethics, ecology, and human subjectivity in relation to our knowledge about the microbiome.

Guest artists: Ken Rinaldo, Oleg Mavromatti Featured

Art and Science students: Jakub Kochanowski, Elise Krespan, Renita Saldanha.

CIMERA 2 is part of the programming of the Bio-Art Mixer, where art and life sciences meet, faculty and grads share their research or look at it from the perspective of a different discipline. Initiated by Heidi Hehnly, Ph.D. Biology, SU; Boryana Rossa Ph.D. FMA. Supported by CUSE Seed Grant, Department of Film and Media Arts, Department of Biology, and Canary Lab.