Chimera 2

Chimera II is the second part of exhibitions related to the Bio-Art Mixer and is curated by Dr. Boryana Rossa. It features works by guest artist Ken Rinaldo, and students Elise Krespan, Jacub Kochanowski, Renita Saldanha, and posters of the Bio-Art Mixer events designed by Oleg Mavromatti.

Chimera 1

Chimera I is a bio-art exhibition featuring guest artists Paul Vanouse, Jennifer Willet, and Adam Zaretsky, along with work by the students in the Bio-Art class taught by Professor Rossa and Professor Hehnly in Spring 2022.

This exhibition presents finished works and works in progress that utilize techniques and knowledge from the field of biological sciences, apply discussion from humanities and look for visual and textual expression that comes from the arts.